Are you looking for work in Regional Australia in order to be eligible for a second Working Holiday Visa? Or are just looking for a change from Sydney and chance to experience the real Australia? Spend some time working in Dubbo and get a flavour for regional NSW. 

If you complete three months of specified work in Dubbo while on your first Working Holiday (417) visa you will eligible for a second working holiday visa.*

Dubbo is in the heart of the Macquarie Valley which is one of the state's most fertile farming areas. Most types of agricultural industries can be found throughout the region. There are a number of small towns around Dubbo where seasonal employment can be obtained.

Fletcher International Exports Pty Ltd is Australia's leading sheep meat exporter. They are also one of the largest employers in Dubbo. They offer job opportunities for meat process workers and casual labourers with accredited training courses that provide job related skills.

With the development of tourism, vacancies occur regularly in the hospitality industry. Whilst many locals take these positions, those with relevant experience should enquire with local recruiters and job agencies. A list of local recruiters and job agencies can be obtained from the Dubbo Visitor Information Centre.

Many job agencies in Dubbo recruit for seasonal work for businesses in smaller towns throughout the region, jobs include those in the cotton industry as well as temporary clerical positions.

Job Contacts

Workabout Australia
PO Box 1476
Dubbo NSW 2830
Tel: 02 6887 1129

*For a full list of current requirements for Working Holiday Visa please click here. 

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