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Make family time great. Take home big memories. Plan an unforgettable adventure.

COVID-19 Updates

Due to the rapidly changing COVID-19 conditions Great Big Adventure Passes are currently not available for purchase.

Current Great Big Adventure Pass holders are advised to confirm opening status and admittance conditions of each attraction prior to travelling or visiting to avoid disappointment. Purchasers of Great Big Adventure Passes are encouraged to hold on to their Passes until such time that they are able to freely travel again, expiry dates of Passes have been extended. Alternatively, visitors who are unable to visit one or more of the attractions on the Pass please contact 123Tix directly to organise a refund of unavailable attractions.

Please find relevant updates below:

Taronga Western Plains Zoo latest updates

Royal Flying Doctor Visitor Experience latest updates

Old Dubbo Gaol latest updates

Wellington Caves latest updates

Plan now, adventure later

Great Big Adventure Passes are not currently available for purchase but we encourage you to plan your Dubbo Region adventure now, so you can enjoy an amazing adventure later!

What if you could buy one ticket, in one transaction that gave you entry to four unforgettable experiences? Holidays should be enjoyable, so turn off the stress and dial up the fun with the Dubbo Region Great Big Adventure Pass!

The Great Big Adventure Pass is a multi-ticket to Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Old Dubbo Gaol, the Royal Flying Doctor Visitor Experience and the Wellington Caves.

Go wild / Immerse yourself in an unforgettable safari adventure at Taronga Western Plains Zoo. With wide open spaces, see hundreds of rare and endangered animals in their natural element. Explore on foot or ride around on hired bikes or carts. Catch a keeper talk, behind the scenes tour or an up close animal encounter.

Look back / Walk in the footsteps of a 19th century prisoner at Old Dubbo Gaol. This State Heritage listed site has been carefully restored to create a pocket in time and give a glimpse into Australian prison history. Explore the eerie cells, take a stroll in the exercise yard and experience a bird’s-eye view from the watchtower.

Head below / Australia’s prehistoric past is within reach at the incredible Wellington Caves. Unearth the mysteries of megafauna that once roamed the land, and find out what those miners were up to 100 years ago in the Phosphate Mine. Marvel at the 15m tall stalagmite in the Cathedral Cave and the delicate dripping stalactites in the Gaden Cave.

Fly high / Touch down into the world of heroic doctors, nurses, pilots and outback communities with the Royal Flying Doctor Visitor Experience. Live each moment as they deliver urgent medical care across a 7.69 million square km ‘waiting room’ - the Australian outback. See through the eyes of unique outback characters and communities. Experience their stories and challenges across the vast Australian remote areas - as if you’re right there.

Your Great Big Adventure Pass includes:

1 x 2 day entry ticket to Taronga Western Plains Zoo
1 x entry ticket to Royal Flying Doctor Service Visitor Experience
1 x day entry ticket to Old Dubbo Gaol
1 x tour at Wellington Caves (1 Cave or 1 Mine only)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I save on entry?

When you buy a Great Big Adventure Pass as opposed to entry to individual attractions you save approximately 20% on your entry across all four attractions.

How do I buy a Concession Pass?

** Please note for Concession tickets you will need to purchase the Great Big Adventure Pass in person at the Dubbo Visitor Information Centre or Wellington Visitor Information Centre and present your current NSW valid concession card. Concession tickets cannot be purchased online.

Why are passes only available online?

Because Attractions have number limits imposed on their tour groups passes must be purchased online in order to correctly generate a unique booking code. The booking code will be used when formally booking tour dates and times, this makes the process simpler and avoids any disappointment due to tours being overbooked or unavailable.

Can passes be bought as gift vouchers?

Great Big Adventure Passes can be purchased as gift vouchers but the intended recipient must be nominated, gift vouchers cannot be left blank.

Can I get a refund?

For the reasons outlined in our terms and conditions, we cannot offer any refunds (subject to any applicable laws). The 123Tix system makes it easy to resell, or gift your pass to a friend or family member. You can update the ticket name by logging in to the Manage Ticket area.

If I only visit one attraction can I get a refund for the entry to the others?

For the reasons outlined in our terms and conditions, we cannot offer any refunds for unused passes or partially redeemed passes (subject to any applicable laws). Great Big Adventure Passes are valid for 12 months from the date of issue and Attractions may be visited on non-consecutive days at any time during that 12 month validity period.

How long is a pass valid for?

Great Big Adventure Passes are valid for 12 months from the date of issue and regular reminders to redeem passes will be automatically sent to the registered contact email address.