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Become an astronomer for a night
17L Camp Road, Dubbo NSW 2830

Become an astronomer for a night and explore the universe at Dubbo Observatory. Join one of our night sky tours to view the stars, planets and galaxies through 6 telescopes. Bring your DSLR camera to capture a spectacular photo through the telescope! An informative astronomy presentation leads outside to the viewing platform under the Milky Way. Constellations are pointed out with a laser followed by viewing through the telescopes with detailed explanations for all ages. Dubbo Observatory is a must-do in Dubbo and an out of this world experience.

Night Sky and Telescope Tour - 75 mins.

Premium Tour – 1-6 people only with local astronomer Peter Starr, 90 mins.

Astrophotography Session – Photography with your DSLR camera, 12 images.