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Tuesday 25 June
All day
Wellington Showground, Showground Road, Wellington
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Thursday 25 July All day
Sunday 25 August All day
Wednesday 25 September All day
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Monday 25 November All day
About this event

Wellington, would you like the see the next triple j One Night Stand in your hometown? Residents of the Dubbo Region, express an interest today!


To help show ABC that we are keen, submit an EOI for Wellington using the below prompts:

1. State: NSW

2. Town: Wellington

3. Region: Central West

4. Population: 4100

5. Tell us why triple j's One Night Stand concert should come to your town? You're welcome to answer this yourself but here is something from our team:

triple j One Night Stand – we want it in Wellington!

This event being held in Wellington could be life changing for not only the local youth but young people across the whole regional population. Having an event of this calibre in a small town in the heart of NSW Wiradjuri country would give youngsters the opportunity to attend a major music concert with big name artists that they otherwise might never get to experience.

Wellington has a population of 4,100 with 28.7% of the community being First Nations people. Australian Bureau of Statistics data also projects Wellington’s Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA) score in the Most Disadvantaged quintile so hosting an event of this magnitude that is welcoming to all would have a lasting impact on the local community.

The One Night Stand’s philosophy of delivering an epic one-day, all-ages, drug and alcohol-free live music event is absolutely what the youth community of this Region needs to experience. The small community of Wellington is no stranger to events, and is committed to showing up and supporting those events year after year. The Wellington Boot Horse Racing Carnival is one of the major race meets in NSW and the fledgling Great Australian Stone Festival is becoming a much beloved and well attended locally grown event. The Wellington community was also lucky enough to host Red Bull’s Branched Out extreme tree climbing event in 2018 which the locals strongly supported and enjoyed the off the wall event atmosphere it brought to town.

Not only would the One Night Stand have an incredible social impact, but a major music event would also give an invaluable boost to the local economy through accommodation, hospitality and so much more.

The Wellington and Dubbo communities are as strongly connected as the mighty Wambuul|Macquarie River that flows through both towns, with the Councils amalgamating in 2016 The Region is supported by a tenacious and forward-thinking Regional Events team undertaking the attraction and successful delivery of a wide range of major events.

Dubbo was honoured to host the One Night stand in 2013, with a crowd 18,000 strong! The Dubbo Regional Council Events team has a proven record of success and the Region’s position in the centre of NSW, together with its enviable transport links and the abundance of accommodation contributes in no small measure to the ongoing success of major events. The accommodation sector in Wellington and Dubbo combined offers more than 5,000 beds with hundreds more available via Air BnB, Stayz and other short term rental platforms.

Getting here is a breeze, with Dubbo Regional Airport servicing Sydney daily as well as Melbourne, Brisbane and regional NSW. NSW Trainlink also offers a daily return service from Sydney Central to both Wellington and Dubbo. Many visitors also choose the quintessential road trip as their travel of choices, with the Region sitting at the junction of the Newell, Mitchell and Golden Highways – all roads lead to Wellington and Dubbo!

6. What are some interesting facts about your town and area that we should know about? You're welcome to answer this yourself but here is something from our team:

Wellington is proud to have been the discovery ground of the “Mega Chonk” in 2023 a prehistoric skink about one thousand times the size of its modern-day counterparts. Its official name is Tiliqua frangens but the team at the renowned Wellington Caves where the fossils were uncovered affectionately refer to the monster lizard as “Chonkasaurus”.

Each October the community takes a step back in time as one of the historic laneways is transformed into old world Chinatown – with the smells of street food, sounds of live music and the sights of traditional lanterns and undulating dragons. The community comes together to celebrate days gone by when Wellington was the heart of regional NSW’s Chinese community.

The Lion of Waterloo pub in Wellington was the site of Australia’s last pistol duel in 1854 - although it wasn’t much of a duel! History says two local gentlemen got into a row at the pub over a lady described as “the Mystical Maiden of Montefiores” before heading outside to take up their pistols. Both gents were rather intoxicated and while they attempted to aim, both pistols misfired and the argument was then settled over a few brews at the pub. You can stop by the scene of the (almost) crime as The Lion is still the oldest tavern operating West of the Blue Mountains since it was licensed in 1842.

The local lake is a decent size, around about the same capacity as 47,500 Olympic sized swimming pools! Lake Burrendong or “The Dam” as it is affectionately known offers plenty of room for everyone to enjoy water sports, fishing or even just a refreshing dip.

If getting out and enjoying nature is your vibe, then Wellington is the place for you! Go from standing on top of the world at the peak of the imposing Mount Arthur, all the way down to a dry bush gully that was lovingly converted into a man-made rainforest complete with a swooping thatched canopy at the Burrendong Botanic Garden and Arboretum

7. Do you have support of the local council? Yes

8. Name of council: Dubbo Regional Council

9. Name of contact person at council? Clare Weeks

10. What is their position? Event Support Officer

11. Council Email Address:

12. Council Phone number: 02 6801 4124

13. Proposed concert location (please include website map link to location): Wellington Showground

14. Venue Capacity: 20,000

15. What existing facilities are there to host a concert? Picture this, a regional hub for local events is your venue – offering country hospitality and everything you need to rock the night away. Even better, imagine the venue is set in the shadow of a stunning mountain range that the sun slowly sinks behind, painting the sky in fairy floss colours before talented musicians take to the stage and get the most epic party town has ever seen started.

Sounds pretty perfect? Then the Wellington Showground is the venue for you! The Showground covers around 25 hectares and is located only a short walk from the CBD of Wellington. The undeveloped surrounding around makes event parking a breeze with easy coach and bus access, as well as easily managed set down and pick up points.

Broadcast and logistics vehicles can also be taken care of easily with plenty of parking available within the venue itself. The Eastern side of the venue is ideal for the stage setup, allowing for uncongested pedestrian access from the Western side. The onsite clubhouse space is the perfect basecamp for production and can serve as a comfortable green room space for the artists.

The Region has several bus companies that offer event shuttle and charter services, as well as a fleet of taxis so safe transport options to and from the venue are available. Dubbo is also a part of the Uber network, providing another safe ride option for attendees.

16. Has this venue been used for other events in the past? Yes

17. What events have been held at this venue? The Wellington Showground is used for many events including but not limited to:

18 - 22. Answer these using your own details

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Wellington Showground
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