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The Dubbo Region is the perfect family holiday destination, with room to roam and activities to entertain kids of all ages - and plenty for the parents to enjoy too! Check out our other family friendly blogs for more inspiration.

Discover the perfect holiday destination that captivates teens and encourages them to unplug from their screens – look no further than the Dubbo Region! With family-friendly fun and some experiences just perfect for older kids, everyone will find something to enjoy. Check out our other family friendly blogs: Kids and Babies and Toddlers for more inspiration.

Up close animal encounter - Taronga Western Plains Zoo has a range of incredible animal encounters available that are sure to wow your teens! Bookings are essential and you can find out more about each encounter and availability on the Zoo's website.

  • Giants of Africa Walk | Giraffe, eland, zebra and rhinos – you’ll see them all on this fun and informative behind-the-scenes walk.
  • Tiger Encounter | Venture behind the scenes with a Keeper to meet a Sumatran Tiger.
  • Hippo Encounter | Come face to face with one of the Zoo's resident Hippos during a Hippo Encounter. A Zoo Keeper will take you behind the scenes to see and learn more about this iconic African animal.
  • Giraffe Encounter | Encounter the world's tallest land animal! During this experience you’ll have the opportunity to feed these gentle giants from the Zoo's Giraffe Boardwalk.
  • Meerkat Encounter | Step inside the Meerkat habitat with a Zoo Keeper, and let the curious residents get a close look at you.
  • Elephant Encounter | Watch as Zoo Keepers bath one of the Elephants and learn about this remarkable species and the bond between Keepers and the Elephants in the Zoo's care.

Behind the bars after dark - brave big kids will be wowed by an after hours experience at the Old Dubbo Gaol, where their night tours provide an atmosphere filled with facts and frights. You can choose from two tour options depending on the ages of your kids. Tickets are essential and can be booked online.

  • Twilight Tour | An all ages theatrical tour fun for the family. Be inducted as the newest inmates and hope your behaviour sees you released by nightfall. Run during the NSW School holidays.
  • Beyond the Grave | For those who enjoy the spine tingling tales of death, punishment and darkness. Explore the cells by torchlight and sense the suffering of what still may linger behind our walls. Run on select nights only. 16+ only.

Make an escape - Challenge your whole family to work as a team at the Dubbo Escape Room. With no phones or tablets, you will be placed into a room and left with your creativity and judgement to find answers to the puzzles. Your teens will love the testing and tricky clues to see if they have what it takes to escape! There are three exciting escape rooms to choose from as well as virtual reality games to explore - and the Escape Room team can help you choose the best option based on time to complete, difficulty and theme.

Bookings can be made online.

Reach for the stars - Your family can become astronomers for a night and explore the wonders of the Universe at Dubbo Observatory. Join one of their informative and immersive night sky tours with astronomer, Peter Starr, to view the stars, planets, and galaxies through up to 9 telescopes. Several tour options are available and can be booked online, the experience is great for kids aged 8 years and up.