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Sip a glass of wine on the deck as you watch the sunset over the savannah, camp under a canopy of sparkling stars or retire to the comfort of a luxury private suite when you check in at Dubbo.

Whether you prefer the adventure of pitching a tent or the laid back comfort of a soft down pillow in a cosy cabin, Dubbo offers a breadth and variety of accommodation across 70 properties with 4,500 beds. 

Dubbo's role as a visitor destination and major service centre ensures that there is something for everyone when looking to stay in our city. So whether its a family holiday or a few nights in Dubbo doing business, you won't be disappointed by lack of choice.

Dubbo serves the group market particularly well with a great range of self-contained options available for sporting groups, schools and those travelling to Dubbo for a family gathering.

Whatever overnight experience you are looking for, we have it. Choose from 70 accommodation venues ranging from caravans and cabins to self-contained units, a backpackers’ hostel, camping grounds, hotels, motels, bed and breakfast or overnight safaris at the zoo.


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