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If gathering numbers is the goal you set, then point your compass and make the Dubbo Region your target. Whether it's league or union, athletics, netball or cricket - the Dubbo Region loves its sport!

For assistance to bring your event to the Dubbo Region contact the Events Team at Dubbo Regional Council on 02 6801 4000 or email

View our: Guide to Sporting Events in Dubbo Region and find an Event Supplier

Our top 5 reasons why you should stage your sporting event in the Dubbo Region

1. Proven record of success

The Dubbo Region has a proven record of hosting events of national and state significance, a tested ability to support large influxes of visitors, and a long and successful history of delivering a magnitude of sporting, cultural and business events.

Dubbo’s success story is due largely the significant investment made by Council in developing assets and infrastructure to support large-scale events. Over the past decades more than $20M has been invested in improvement and development of playing surfaces, facilities and amenities.

Included in the impressive portfolio of major events held in the Region:

  • NRL Premiership fixture – South Sydney Vs Penrith (11,000 people)
  • 3 Country v City Rugby League fixtures (8,000 – 11,000 people)
  • 2 NSW Aboriginal Rugby League Championships (10,000 people)
  • 2 National/NSW Indigenous Touch Championships (5,000 people)
  • NSW Touch Country Championships (2,000 people)
  • U14 & U15 Country Rugby League Championships (1,500 people)
  • National Aboriginal Rugby League 9s (3,000 people)
  • Athletics NSW Region 3 Championships (2,000 people)
  • U13 & U14 State Cricket Championships (1,000 people)
  • National Indoor Junior Cricket Championships (1,800 people)

2. We are an adventure sport playground

The unique natural attributes of the Wellington make it the ideal destination for niche and extreme sporting events. Wellington is located 30 minutes east of Dubbo on the Mitchell Highway as is quickly building a reputation as a hub for adventure sport.

Wellington’s expansive Lake Burrendong is the perfect location for water sports. The dam’s surface area is equal to nearly 10,000 football fields and its wall taller than a 25-storey building. Lake Burrendong is a popular location for water skiing and fishing with the annual Lake Burrendong Fishing Classic attracting hundreds of rod and reel enthusiasts.

Mount Arthur Reserve in Wellington provides ideal attributed to support running and cycling events. The Mount Arthur Challenge held in previous years included runs up to 9km and a 50km cycling event. The two hour event was a popular date on the calendar of runners and cyclists from across Australia.

3. Plenty of group-style accommodation

There are more than 5,000 beds available in the Dubbo and Wellington and a further 5,000 beds within a 2 hour radius.

The abundance of accommodation and the region’s ability to meet the needs of groups are key reasons why carnivals, championships and competitions stud the annual events calendar. The region specialises in group accommodation providing a wide breadth of self-contained, cabin and dormitory-style options. Offering modern conveniences, and a range of configurations, the region’s motel-style accommodation is affordable and conveniently located.

4. Centrally located and easily accessed

Dubbo is located in the heart of New South Wales and sits on the junction of three major highways. More than 200 flights a week in and out of Dubbo including direct flights Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Road | Dubbo is a 5 hour drive from Sydney and the Illawarra Region; 4.5 hours from Newcastle, Central Coast, Cobar, Wagga Wagga and Canberra; 3.5 hours from Tamworth and 2 hours or less from Orange, Forbes, Parkes, Coonabarabran, Mudgee and Nyngan.

Air | The City is an hour’s direct flight from Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne and Brisbane and flights are also available to and from Broken Hill, Lightning Ridge and Walgett.

Rail | Daily train services via NSW Trainlink service the Sydney/Dubbo/Sydney line, stopping at various stations along the Western route.

5. Large catchment population

The Dubbo Region boasts a resident population of 52,000 and a catchment population in excess of 200,000 people. There are more than 180,000 people aged 20-49 years within a 4 hour radius.

Within a 4 hour drive your sporting event can tap into a pool of more than 82,000 competitors and spectators aged 18-35 years and over 100,000 people aged 35-50 years. There are plenty of local sporting and volunteer groups that are at the ready to support event activity held in the Dubbo Region.

The Dubbo Region is well-known as a holiday destination for families creating an appealing proposition for sporting competitions involving juniors

Venues by sporting code

Code Venue/s
Athletics Barden Park
Australian Rules South Dubbo Oval (2)
Cricket Bob Dowling Oval (8), John McGrath Oval (2), Jubilee Oval (3), Lady Cutler Oval (7) , South Dubbo Oval (5), Victoria Park (3), Pioneer Park (2), Rygate Park (1) Tom Culkin Oval (1)
Cycling Dubbo Regional Cycling Facility
Hockey Pioneer Park (2)
Netball Nita McGrath Precinct (20), Rygate Park
Rugby League/Union Apex Oval (5), Jubilee Oval (4),Victoria Park (3), Bicentennial Park (1), Kennard Park (2)
Softball Jubilee Oval (4)
Soccer Hans Claven Oval (2), Lady Cutler Ovals (18), Pioneer Park
Swimming Dubbo (1), Wellington (1)
Skateboarding Dubbo and Wellington
Touch Football Bob Dowling Oval (4), John McGrath Oval (6), Katrina Gibbs Oval (3)
Ultimate Frisbee South Dubbo Oval

Choose a time of year - Average rainfall (mm) by location

Location Jan Feb Mar April May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Dubbo 56.1 42.2 63.5 31.4 38.8 48.3 41.5 34.3 41.7 46.2 59 58.9
Tamworth 61.5 73.2 51.1 25.2 29.9 51.9 40.1 37.7 43.1 55.3 81.2 75.4
Port Macquarie - Hastings 142.7 167.6 182.3 131.3 104.4 138.2 63.1 60.5 58.8 75.4 144.7 109.1
Bathurst 62.4 56.6 59 34.3 32.9 38.5 42.1 39.8 47.6 51.7 63.7 71.9
Mudgee 66.2 64.3 62.3 36.3 36.7 42.9 43.4 34.4 54.4 50.6 73 77.6
Orange 63.5 75.6 69.3 43.4 50.2 77 72.2 82.3 78 71.7 79.3 87
Albury 47.9 44.2 47.9 47.3 56.3 68.3 77.6 77.3 60.6 56.2 58.4 48.9
Wagga Wagga 40.1 40.2 45 40.5 50.5 50.5 53.7 51 49 55.8 46.5 46.1

For assistance to bring your event to the Dubbo Region contact the Events Team at Dubbo Regional Council on 02 6801 4000 or email

View our: Guide to Sporting Events in Dubbo Region and find an Event Supplier

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