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Live Entertainment Events
Saturday 6 June
4:00pm - 6:00pm
76 Wingewarra Street, Dubbo, NSW 2830

Tickets $10 | Season Pass $60. Tickets available at the door or from WPCC Reception.

About this event

This event has been postponed and will not take place on Saturday 6 June. This listing will be updated with the new event date once it has been confirmed.

Smokescreen 2020 is 'From the Playwright’s Desk’. Films that were originally written for, and presented on the stage. Usually taking place in only a few locations, these ‘limited setting’ films bring the focus on the psychology of the characters. And in their confinement, there is little escape.

Join us for ‘Gaslight’, written by Patrick Hamilton and directed by George Cukor starring Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman and Joseph Cotton.

Synopsis: After the death of her aunt, Paula is sent to Italy to study to become an opera singer. While there, she meets and falls in love with the charming Gregory Anton. After a two week romance the two marry and return to London. On their return, Paula begins to notice strange goings-on; missing pictures, strange footsteps in the night and gaslights that dim without being touched. As she fights to retain her sanity, her new husband's intentions come into question.
Bergman's performance won her Best Actress honours from both the Oscar and Golden Globe voters.

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Western Plains Cultural Centre