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Community and Fundraising Events
Saturday 16 January
WestView Drive-In, 12R Narromine Road, Dubbo

$40 per car
About this event

Slim and I is a 2020 Australian documentary film about the life of Joy McKean and Slim Dusty.

The documentary came about through the passion of Slim and Joy's grandson James Arneman, who had compiled an archive of old footage of the families touring days. The family was approached by film producer Chris Brown before director Kriv Stenders joined the project. Stenders said "The idea to tell their story through the lens of Joy was something that I found very interesting about this project and made me want to be involved the documentary. I knew very little about Slim and Joy, but I listened to their music and read the books about their lives and discovered such an incredible story that needed to be told."

WestView Drive-In
WestView Drive-In
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