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Saturday 12 February
All day
76 Wingewarra Street, Dubbo, NSW 2830
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Sunday 13 February All day
Monday 14 February All day
Tuesday 15 February All day
Wednesday 16 February All day
Thursday 17 February All day
Friday 18 February All day
Saturday 19 February All day
Sunday 20 February All day
Monday 21 February All day
About this event

We’ve been pretty good at adopting animals as tribal symbols, footy codes, advertising, and astrology. These are nuanced ways of describing ourselves. “She has the courage of a lion” or “He was as meek as a lamb.” Humans have recently had to consider their own potential collective demise and been witness to extinction of dozens of other species. Animal Studies explores a shared existence. Each artwork in this series considers a shared space, a shared presence. We say that elephants never forget - what is it that they think? What is it that a rhinoceros senses with its gaze and tough dry skin?

Animal Studies is a body of work that has occupied Jack Randell for the last two years and features drawings, paintings, and media studies of singular creatures animated for the viewer to consider the animal’s gaze upon us. What do they see? What do they think and dream? If they thought like us, and I suspect they don’t, what would they think of our use of their shared ecology?

Western Plains Cultural Centre
Western Plains Cultural Centre
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