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Key details
Saturday 22 May
4:00pm - 9:00pm
Victoria Park #2 Oval, Gipps Street, Dubbo, 2830
About this event

This year event is organised by ORISCON and supported by Multicultural NSW, Dubbo Regional Council and Regional Australia Bank. The event is open all public and free to enter. As per previous years, people will bring their own mats, chairs and enjoy the various cultural programs in the open air but will be encouraged maintained COVID-19 guidelines. Delicious variety of food will be available in stalls to purchase in addition to various cultural interactions.

Since 2016, ORISCON has been staging the annual Cross Cultural Carnival in the grounds of Victoria Park No 2 Oval, North of Western Plains Cultural Centre. The aim of the gala function is to promote cross cultural understanding by celebrating various cultures and integration among all communities and strengthening the social, cultural, and economic fabric of Dubbo as a leader.

Oriscon has formed an organising Committee comprises of migrant communities living in Dubbo but migrated from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Kenya, Middle East, Japan, Fiji, Great Britain, South Africa, West Indies, Canada, Mauritius, USA among others.

Special invites are made to cultural representatives from other language/nation groups including Aboriginal community elders and spokespeople.

The events are designed to promote social cohesion among migrants, but also build cross cultural understanding within the wider community. By bringing together migrants from diverse communities and the wider general population groups these events will foster good will, understanding and respect for diverse groups living in the region. It will promote new art forms, new ways of looking at life and start conversations that will create and foster knowledge and awareness. It will also contribute to the diversity of events held in Dubbo promoting opportunities for tourism and tourism related economic opportunities. These events will contribute to making Dubbo a destination where migrants will aspire to go to and settle.