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Our lifestyle is an incubator for success and our connectivity makes it a reality.

TOM CAVANAGH Director at EMS Group Pty Ltd, Founder Channel 40.

Tom Cavanagh

EMS Group represents Tom Cavanagh’s first foray into business. His drive to succeed, innovative thinking and commitment to the Dubbo Region has seen the company’s exponential growth and diversification.
"I did my trade in Dubbo as a diesel mechanic, when I finished my apprenticeship, I moved out to Cobar and worked in the mines. When I left Cobar eventually and moved to Toowoomba, a lot of machines were going from Cobar over 1000km to get repaired. And while Dubbo’s not a mining town, within 300km there would be 10 significant underground mining operations. So there was a huge opportunity to set up a business which could support the underground mining industry, which is what EMS Group does for tier one mining companies such as Newcrest, Evolution and Rio Tinto."

Tom firmly believes that the success of EMS Group lies in the fact that their head office is located in Dubbo which is “more accessible to parts of Australia than Western Sydney all because of my 10 minute commute to an Airport that flies to four capital cities in under an hour. The cost of doing business is also more affordable, land prices allow for expansion and our road connections mean that we can take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.”

Channel 40 was one such opportunity that answered a pain point for EMS Group and the wider transport industry allowing them to service their customers more efficiently. 4,500 trucks pass through Dubbo every 24 hours, however, in the past it has proved difficult “moving abnormal, random machines that no one has heard of before.” Investing $1.5 million, Tom developed “a network of over 8,000 truck drivers allowing EMS, major mining customers and major machinery owners the ability to move machinery with greater ease, accountability and safety.”

And the opportunities for EMS, transport industry and the Region do not end there. “The Inland Rail network is a project that EMS is gearing up for. In the last six months we’ve bought a number of high rail specialised equipment that is designed purely for the maintenance and repairs of the railway network. We’d have the largest fleet now of high rail equipment west of the mountains and we did that with the whole intent to be able to better service what will be a $10 billion dollar project for the Region. And within the next six months we expect that we will be employing another 20-30 people.”

The opportunities available within the Dubbo Region for business are unrivalled. Combined with affordable housing and great lifestyle – it’s “our secret weapon” to success.