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Narromine Gliding Club is honoured to be selected by the IGC as the host of the 37th FAI World Gliding Championships

37th World Gliding Championships for Standard, 15m and Club Class are at the historic Narromine Airfield in NSW Australia.

The Standard Class, 15m Class and Club Class World Gliding Championships will be held at Narromine NSW Australia in November/December 2023, which makes timing more convenient for International teams to ship gliders to Narromine and fits in better with European holidays.

The soaring conditions in Narromine are excellent at that time of year.

Find out all the information about the event at the dedicated website here

The details

Date | 28th November to 16th December 2023

Venue | Narromine Gliding Club, Narromine Airport, Mitchell Highway Narromine 2821

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