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Benefts and Opportunites
(Options 1 and 2)
Beneft 1: Profle on
The Dubbo City website is widely publicised
by Dubbo City Council’s Marketing and Communications
Services Branch to new residents, events, tourism, business
and investment markets.
The website’s magazine-style format is interactive,
colourful and dynamic. It provides some unique insights
into our community including personal stories of
outstanding achievements by successful Dubbo
residents, businesses and organisations.
An online Dubbo Directory was developed to promote
local businesses directly to around 10,000 potential
customers a month. The Directory is a great showcase
of businesses operating in our City.
Your business profle on will include:
• Business name
• Telephone/fax number
• Address
• Email (link to email address)
• Website (direct link to your website)
• Description (max. 30 words)
• Image
Tourism and event partners also have the opportunity
to list:
• Star ratings (accommodation properties)
• Availability (accommodation properties)
• Opening times, admission prices (attractions and
• Opening times, indicative meal prices (eating out)
• Event space name and capacity (event and conference
Dubbo’s number one call to action in response to
campaigns and activities is The
website receives over 120,000 unique visitors per year,
where measurable data based on visitation and referrals to
your website from the Dubbo website is reported.
If you are a tourism operator, your business will be listed
also be listed and updated quarterly on the Tourism NSW
Example of Dubbo Directory
Dubbo City Promotions Partnership Program
October 2011