New CBD Flag Campaign pays homage to City’s volunteers

Representatives of Dubbo’s 7,890 volunteers will this week be acknowledged with the launch of a new CBD Flag Campaign to honour the City’s volunteers.

The faces of 17 volunteers will fly on the flags of Macquarie Street for three months, as a way to acknowledge the integral role of volunteers within the community and to collectively say thank you.

Mayor of Dubbo Councillor Mathew Dickerson says the CBD Flag Campaign celebrates the vital role volunteers play within the Dubbo community.

“Dubbo is exceedingly proud of its strong volunteer network, with 19.6% of City residents choosing to dedicate their time to volunteering which is higher than the State average of 16.9%.

“The flags on Macquarie Street are a fantastic way of acknowledging and appreciating the tireless work our volunteers do to ensure not-for-profit organisations and community groups that are vital to our community can continue to have the resources to run,” he said.

Philip Lalor, Deputy Region Controller, Macquarie Region, State Emergency Service (SES) says the launch of the CBD Flag Campaign ties in with Wear Orange Wednesday on 13th November 2013, a day of recognition and appreciation for the dedicated work of SES volunteers across Australia.

“Dubbo City Council has been a long term supporter of the Dubbo City SES unit. It’s fantastic to see such a prominent and visual display of the Council’s support for volunteers.”

“NSW SES volunteers provide a vital service to local communities, often in terrible conditions. In the middle of a storm, or flood, or while providing assistance to other emergency services, if you looked under their orange helmet, you would find a NSW SES volunteer with a smile, keen and eager to assist local communities,” he said.

The CBD Flag Campaign was partnered by seven volunteer organisations within Dubbo including the State Emergency Service (SES), Macquarie Regional Library, Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre, Dubbo Visitor Information Centre, Western Plains Cultural Centre, Friends of Dubbo Regional Botanic Gardens and Bushcare.