Based on one of the earliest English spy novels, The Riddle of the Sands (1979, G) sees Arthur Davies (Simon MacCorkindale) is out sailing in his yacht in the North Sea off the coast of Germany, when he nearly collides with a local sea-captain. The encounter itself was odd enough, but adding to its strangeness is Arthur's nagging sense that the German captain was known to him, somehow. He discovers that Dollman is actually a British naval officer who has gone bad and calls on his old college friend, Charles Carruthers (Michael York) to help him investigate this phenomenon. Eventually, the two men discover that the Kaiser Wilhelm has planned to secretly invade and conquer Britain, and they are the only ones who can prevent it. 

Directed by Tony Maylam (102 min) 

Film goers are invited to meet at the Old Bank after the conclusion of Smokescreen for a lively discussion about the film and a free standard drink. Smokescreen brings to life iconic and influential films from the history of cinema. In 2019, Smokescreen will be exploring a series of 10 films, each a masterpiece based on great, timeless literature. Smokescreen takes place at the Western Plains Cultural Centre in the Drama Room in the Community Arts Centre.


Western Plains Cultural Centre
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Tickets $10 | Members $8 | Season Pass $75


Western Plains Cultural Centre
76 Wingewarra Street, Dubbo

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