"What is Dubbo?" That was the first question 24-year-old Maria Goltermann had when she found out she would be visiting Australia from Denmark. Maria has 12 weeks to learn all she can about Dubbo, its visitor offerings and the Australian lifestyle.

Dubbo has been my home for 3 months and I quickly got a daily routine here, which also means that some of my top things to do don’t just include tourist sights, but things that were part of my everyday. 

1st place - Zoofari Lodge

Something that really swept me of my feet was the Zoofari Lodge at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo.  I now really understand why people in Dubbo are so proud of the zoo. Sure I’d been out there before, but getting “behind the scenes” and having a tour guide to show us around was the perfect way to visit the zoo. Not to speak of the lodges we slept in, waking up to the animals on the savannah and feeding the giraffes. An experiences I won’t forget and will always recommend to people that live in Dubbo as well as people that come to visit Dubbo! 

2nd place - Crossfit

The second of my favourite things to do in Dubbo, was Crossfit at Crossfit Dubbo which I’ve previously written about here. I really enjoyed going to Crossfit after work, and it was a big part of establishing my life in Dubbo too. Even though I was really excited to come to Australia and to see as much as possible of the country, it was just as important to me to establish a life in Dubbo, with work and routines like I would have back home. And I’m just saying, if you start doing Crossfit it’s hard to stop, so I’m definitely going to continue when I’m back home again. 

3rd place - Royal Flying Doctors Service

Third place would have to be my visit to the Royal Flying Doctors Service. For an overseas visitor like me, it can be hard to understand how important the RFDS is to Australia and the outback. But having been to the outback now and seeing the great distances, as well as heard stories from people that have been helped by RFDS, I can now see how great it is, and how amazing the dentists, doctors and nurses are for these people. This is definitely a must visit for people coming to Dubbo, as it is a big part of Australia.  

4th place - Rugby culture and the Dubbo Roos 

Fourth place goes to The Dubbo Roos. I loved watching the games on the weekends. Sport always brings a city together, and it was always fun to be a part of and seeing how many people would show up to support the local teams. I experienced that rugby was a big part of Dubbo, so I believe to get the full ‘Dubbo experience’ you need to experience a Dubbo Roos home game, with the rest of the city. 

5th place - The Old Dubbo Gaol

Fifth place goes to the Old Dubbo Gaol. This is also a must-see in Dubbo, it’s a big part of Dubbo’s history and therefore also something people in Dubbo as well as visitors should know about. Get a tour with a guide and hear the stories of the prisoners that have been locked up here. The museum is not very big, so its perfect for families with children or people that are usually not very fond of museums. I even found out that there was a Dane locked up years back. Who would have thought the Danes had already discovered Dubbo back then! 

This was my top 5 of things to do in Dubbo. I have loved my life here, and there has been so much more to it. I love the country around the city and not to speak of the friendliest people I have ever met live in Dubbo. I’m so happy that my stay in Australia ended up being in Dubbo, and I know I’ll be back to visit very soon. 

Have a great week everyone! My next post will be when I’m back home in Denmark. 

So… the other day, I thought I was just going to go with Lana to the radio station 2DU, to watch  her do her usual Friday “What’s On in Dubbo” feature. Buut, Lana and Richard, had other plans and suddenly Richard was asking ME questions on air! So, on what I thought was a usual Friday morning, my radio virginity was taken! I’m telling you guys, these council people sure are making sure I get the full experience here!

But how great is that!! I’m really thrilled that they engage me in so many projects, so I get as much out of my internship as possible.

Another big experience for me last week, was my visit to the Royal Flying Doctors Service. I know this is something that is really special to Australia, and it does put things into perspective, when we in Denmark complain about the hospital being a 1.5 hour drive away.

It was really fascination to hear about the Flying doctors, nurses, dentists and so forward that fly out each day to assist people in the rural areas of the outback. Can you believe the crew only has 45 minutes to plan the flight, assess the patient and be up in the air again??

Coming to the Education Centre, we were greeted by some of the volunteers that showed us around and told us the story behind the Royal Flying Doctors and the aircrafts. E.g. that these mini intensive care units are actually purchased from the U.S., brought back and painted in Australia and are now worth about $9M. Another thing I found out, from watching the video at the education centre, is that people in the outback actually would do their own treatment, if it wasn’t for the Flying Doctors…
I believe it’s better they let the doctors do their job and they stick to their farming instead.

Anyway this experience was a real eye-opener, of how important the RFDS is to these communities.


 Radios that have been used for communication between the RFDS and the remote areas and medicine.

One of the first thing I learned when I came to Dubbo, was the RFDS $20 bill and how it features the founder of RFDS John Flynn and that the body with numbers on the different body parts would, and still is, helping doctors for remote consultations to identify where the patient is injured.

Additionally, School of the Air, is where children in remote areas are schooled via the RFDS radio service and is also a big part of RFDS and something I had not heard or thought of before I visited the education centre.

The real-life stories behind RFDS as well as School of the Air is what made this a really fascinating experience for me.

As I thought the tour was over, we were invited out to see the hangar, where an aircraft had just come in, and I got to see what one of the real planes looks like inside and had a chat about the equipment they use when going out with one of the nurses at RFDS.


Inside and outside one of the aircrafts that are used today

You gotta admire what these nurses, doctors and dentist are doing! It mustn’t always be an easy job.

This was another awesome place that is definitely worth a visit when in Dubbo! You are sure to have an interesting time, and the people working there are just great!

Back to work, hope you all have a great week :)


Me as a pilot - probably the reason for the incident on the right!?




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