"What is Dubbo?" That was the first question 24-year-old Maria Goltermann had when she found out she would be visiting Australia from Denmark. Maria has 12 weeks to learn all she can about Dubbo, its visitor offerings and the Australian lifestyle.


Hope everyone had a good weekend, I certainly did! The sun was finely out Saturday, and since I haven’t had many days of summer this year, I decided to defy the only 7 C, and ate my breakfast outside. Yes, people did think I was crazy back home, but judging is easy when there’s +25 C in Denmark.

The Old Dubbo Gaol

Anyway… Friday was my first visit to one of the attractions here in Dubbo, The Old Dubbo Gaol!
It was really interesting, especially as a visitor, that doesn’t know all about the Australian history, to hear about the rules and regulations that people had to live by back them. Who would have thought it was illegal to be homeless?

I would definitely recommend a guided tour, when visiting the Gaol, as this is when you are told about all the exciting stories about what happened in the jail. And as it is not very big, all parts are very unique, and you are able to read about the different divisions of the jail and stories behind some of the convicts, that was put in the Old Dubbo Gaol.
To my surprise, A Danish guy by the name of Lars Peter Hansen, had been found guilty of murder and executed here in Dubbo.  What a bad impression to leave of the Danish people!


 Old Dubbo Gaol  

My Friday ended at the Macquarie Inn, where the Rotary club of South Dubbo held their 50th Change Over Dinner, where they got their first female Governor. Lovely night, where I got to meet many of the members behind the club that along with my outbound club in Denmark, has given me the change to be here in Dubbo. 

At the Rotary change over dinner with the outgoing and incoming Govenor.

Rugby and Beer

Saturday, was of course Rugby day! I’m really liking that tradition. In the afternoon The Dubbo Roos, and later the Wallabies vs. England. I really like how the game seem to bring everyone together, whether people are into it or not. I was so lucky to be invited to an Australian dinner at my colleague Kates (who most people seem to know :) ) house, where I tried chocolate and sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce and red wine strawberries for the first time. Buuut, it was definitely not the last time! That night was also taught that most Australian women do not drink beer… Lesson learned! To stay on the feminine side, I will now order a glass of wine instead of beer when I’m out in public! Australian beer is pretty good though. 


Dahab and music

Sunday was busy, with lunch at the Dahab Café here in Dubbo, which by the way, is worth a visit, the food was yummy, especially the Salmon. I will definitely come back.
Afterwards I went to hear my host mother play the Bassoon at the Macquarie Conservatorium, along with a whole band, and the French horn leading the show. Beautiful!
It has been an eventful weekend for me in Dubbo, I can’t wait for more to come! Have a good week everyone!

chocolate and sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce and red wine strawberries - probably the best dessert I've ever had!

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