Taronga Western Plains Zoo Keeper Talks and Feeds

KEEPER TALKS are informational presentations by Zoo Keepers.
KEEPER FEEDS involve seeing Zoo Keepers feed the animals, with Keepers available to answer questions.

9.25am Meerkat Feed (map ref G18)

Watch our Zoo Keeper feed this African animal an early morning treat.

9.45am Black Rhino Talk & Feed (map ref A18)

Watch as the Zoo’s Black Rhinos receive their breakfast. A great opportunity to hear about our world renowned breeding program for this endangered species.

11.30am Hippopotamus Talk & Feed (map ref K11)

Although fed at 11.30am, you may catch a glimpse of this great African animal still feeding up to an hour afterwards.

12.10pm African Elephant Talk (map ref J9)

Ever wanted to know how to tell an African Elephant from an Asian Elephant? Our Zoo Keepers will explain the difference as they work with our gorgeous African girls Yum Yum and Cuddles.

12.15pm Otter Talk & Feed (map ref Q9)

Watch as our Small-Clawed Otters polish off their midday meal!

12.35pm Siamang Apes Feed (map ref R12)

You may hear the territorial booming call of our resident Siamang Ape family as they receive their lunch from our Zoo Keeper (not Wednesdays).

12.40pm Sumatran Tiger Talk (map ref O9)

Meet the Sumatran Tiger keeper and learn about the plight of the species in the wild as well as our own (Saturday and Sunday only).

3.00pm Tortoise Feed (map ref M23)

The giant Galapagos Tortoise can weigh up to 180 kg, be over a metre long and live to be over 100 years old. Get a close look at this amazing creature during this afternoon feeding session.

3.45pm African Wild Dog Feed (map ref B19)

Witness nature at work as the African Wild Dogs devour their afternoon meal.

  • Take care in the warmer weather - ensure you wear a hat and sunscreen and drink plenty of water.
  • Please note – Some talks and feeds are weather dependant. If there is a cancellation, we apologise for this inconvenience.

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