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A new sustainable tourism web portal, developed by the Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre (STCRC) in its last six months of operation, is now live. The portal can be accessed at and is free to use. The portal was developed to deliver research and tools to support improved practice by tourism industry operators and organisations beyond STCRC's wind-up on 30 June this year. It was designed to be an interactive tool to preserve and present STCRC research and tools and bring in other sources of information.

Sustainable Tourism Online provides access to leading tourism research and tools in three main areas: Destinations and Communities, Business Operations and Parks and Culture, in addition to broader sustainable tourism themes.

Users have the opportunity to submit reports and information for inclusion in the portal. A key feature of Sustainable Tourism Online is an Online Community which allows tourism professionals

to participate in ongoing discussions relating to sustainable tourism issues and challenges.

Source: Sustainable Tourism Online

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