Event Support Program

The Event Support Program is designed to support events of regional, state, national and international significance by providing special offers to visiting delegates and participants. The aim of the Program is to assist in bolstering participation and increasing the length of overnight stay in the City.  Special offers are sought by the City Image Branch from Dubbo’s tourism and retail sectors.  The special offers are produced and distributed to events at no charge to businesses. The Program excludes any events held during school holidays and peak visitation periods, such as long weekends.

Upcoming events to be supported include:

13-14 August 2010      Inaugural 2010 NSW Regional School Band Festival (visitation est.  800 pax)
13-15 August 2010      20th Annual Jazz Festival (visitation est. 1000 pax)
21-22 October 2010    2010 Year of Women in Local Government Conference (visitation est. 150 pax)

Ref:  2010/2011 City Image Marketing Strategy:
2.1.1:  Local retail promotional program provided to major events that attract overnight visitation

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