Inland NSW Tourism is now inviting industry members to attend the final Destination Management (DM) workshop in the series.

Local and regional businesses along with representatives from Dubbo City Council, have joined with tourism managers and economic development officers for a series of workshops to create a Destination Development Plan for Dubbo.

The resulting action plan will be presented to councils and stakeholders in Narromine on 16th of September from 1:30pm – 4:30pm.

Attendance at this final workshop will provide businesses with the opportunity to review the final “Destination Management Plan” and ensure that the plan is truly representative of the region and the previous workshop discussions.

Please note that Destination Management is a dynamic and iterative process meaning that the “Destination Management Plan” will continue to evolve over time throughout the period to 2020.

Inland NSW is committed to leading the DM process for the long term and will continue to facilitate leadership and regular progress update sessions in the region each year. This will ensure keeping on track when implementing actions and recommendations outlined in the DM Plans. So the delivery of the final “Destination Management Plans” represents the end of the beginning rather than the end of the DM process.

The final workshop will be attended by Graham Perry (Chief Executive Officer, Inland NSW Tourism) and Renae Darlington (Industry Development Specialist, Inland NSW Tourism) –The agenda for the workshop will include:

Immediately following the workshop Inland NSW Tourism will make an electronic version of the “Community Road Map” readily available to regional stakeholders. This will provide industry with the key priority areas and actions identified for the destination. The Community Road Map will provide sufficient information for the majority of stakeholders and the community.

However, in addition Inland NSW LGA members, Platinum Members, Gold Members and the Destination Management Working Group(s) will be eligible to access a full version of the Destination Management Plan subject to signing an agreement with Inland NSW Tourism that acknowledges IP ownership and copyright.

Please remember that if you would like to attend the workshop in the series you must register by clicking here.