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The City Development Delivery Plan is aimed at delivering a more cohesive, co-ordinated approach to promoting Dubbo.   Guided by a 12 month action plan (January 2014 to December 2014), the Branch works closely with industry and stakeholder groups to deliver marketing campaigns. These campaigns support growth across many sectors of the local economy including destination marketing for leisure and business tourism, as well as new resident and event attraction. The City Development Delivery Plan also incorporates actions under the Dubbo City Events Strategy which is designed to support events; sustain the City's events industry and undertake event attraction.   The Branch also operates the accredited Dubbo Visitors Information Centre.


Activity reports:

1st Quarter:    January - March 2015

2nd Quarter:    April - June 2015

3rd Quarter :    July - September 2015 (in progress)

4th Quarter:    October 2015 - December 2015


1st Quarter - January to March 2014

Key campaigns:  Elvis Festival Packages | Dubbo Experience Packages | Snap your Grin to Win (visiting friends and relatives campaign) | Wild! Rhino Campaign

2nd Quarter - April to June 2014 

Key campaigns:  Great Western Plains - Great Big Adventures, Country v City promotions plan. The Rhino Adventure,

3rd Quarter - July to September 2014

4th Quarter - October to December 2014


Previous city promotions activities were guided by 18-month action plans (City Promotion Plan):

Activity reports:      

Phase 1:  City Promotions Plan Progress Report  -- June 2012 - November 2012

Phase 2:  City Promotions Plan Progress Report -- December 2012 - May 2013

Phase 3:  City Promotions Plan Progress Report -- June 2013 - November 2013

Key activities:     

Promotion of Dubbo via local truck companies | New Resident events | Your Dubbo Campaign | Event Support & Development Program (including event organiser's toolbox and funding streams) | 2013 Local Government Association Conference | Let Kids be Kids television campaign | Macquarie Street Flag Campaign | Destination Management Plan (in development) | Rhino Sculptures | triple j One Night Stand event | 2013/2014 Dubbo City Guide | Creation of on-line video connecting readers of the Guide with Dubbo experiences | Launch of #smiledubbo campaign

The team also manages on-line and social media channels:

  • Website -
  • Facebook - Dubbo City and Visit Dubbo  
  • Twitter - @DubboCity and @VisitDubbo
  • Instagram - DubboCity 

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