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In 2008 the ‘Dubbo..time to smile’ City brand was developed by Dubbo City Council as part of a commitment to deliver an improved and more collaborative approach to City marketing.

The City brand was designed to achieve some key objectives, including:

  • Create a memorable and meaningful brand that is not reliant on the zoo
  • Create a brand that appeals to all target markets
  • Reduce negative associations with Dubbo.

The City brand was developed through a range of stakeholder consultations, including interviews with local residents and industry groups about what makes Dubbo so special to them.  The overwhelming response was in relation to the friendliness of the City, coupled with the idea that people living in Dubbo can find the time to do whatever makes them happy.

Happiness. It’s a simple concept that appeals to all of our identified target markets. From international business owners looking to make strong returns, to working parents who want to make sure they are home in time to tuck their kids into bed, Dubbo’s City brandmark is all about promoting happiness.

The City brand will underpin all forms of City marketing communication, whether it be to business, tourism or local residents

Any businesses or suppliers using the City brand must adhere to the brand guidelines.

Local businesses and industry groups can submit a request to use the Dubbo City Brandmark.