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The City Development Partnership Program is a collaboration between Council and local businesses aimed at increasing consumer reach and market penetration to promote Dubbo as a place to live, visit and hold an event.

Supported by more than 150 businesses, the 2017/2018 Program deliverables include the Dubbo + Great Western Plains Visitor Guide, Dubbo Events Guide and the City’s New Resident Guide.  The Program also enables the production of the Dubbo City Map, Dubbo's CBD flag program, outdoor signage and provides rich content and imagery for online channels:; and   the City's New Resident Nights are also jointly funded by Council and partners of the Program. 

Businesses will be invited to join the 2018/2019 City Development Partnership Program in late 2017. 

For more information contact Lana Willetts at the Western Plains Regional Council 6801 4000.

Opportunities are open all year for businesses looking to leverage from City promotional and information touchpoints.    More than 250,000 people visit yearly and your business can benefit from the robust visitation to the site along with brochure display at the Visitors Centre.  Businesses wanting to tap into the visitor, events for new resident markets are encouraged to consider the Visitors Information Centre Partnership Program. 

For more information contact Kristie Hallford at the Dubbo Visitors Information Centre on 6801 4450.