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This is a snapshot of the Dubbo population and demography. For more in-depth information, visit the Dubbo Community Profile, or contact Council's Economic Development Unit.


The estimated residential population for Dubbo in 2012 was 40,975 people with a median age of 36. This represents a 5.6% increase from the 38,804 people that were usually resident in Dubbo on Census Night 2011.

Dubbo is a multicultural society, with 24.14% of residents claiming a non-English and non-Australian heritage.

Population projection

This paper, released in July 2016 has been specifically prepared to inform high, medium and low population projections to the year 2036. The paper consolidates authoritative data on population and confirms Dubbo’s data projections. To see this EDB Population Paper visit EDB Population Paper 2016.


Between the 2006 and 2011 Census periods, there was a total of 3,107 people with jobs that moved to Dubbo*. 

This table details the origin of residents who lived in a different region as at the 2006 Census and moved to Dubbo as at the 2011 Census.


More than 55% of Dubbo households comprise a couple family with children. 

Single-parent households make up about 18% of the City's total family composition, with 83.88% of those attributed to female single parents. 

Almost one-quarter of all Dubbo households comprise a couple family with no children.


Almost half of all Dubbo residents are Certificate-level qualified while more than 23% hold a Bachelor Degree or higher qualification.


The unemployment rate in Dubbo is typically below the State average and is currently at 4.9% compared to 5.6% for NSW.

It is estimated that 16,959 people work in Dubbo^, the majority of whom work a 35-39 hour week. By August 2018 is estimated that total employment in Dubbo will be at 21,919 jobs, which represents an annualised growth rate of 2.20%*.

Of the 16,959 workers in Dubbo 17.98% are classified as Professionals, 12.02% Managers, 14.62% Technicians and Trade Workers, and 10.75% Labourers.


Almost one-quarter of Dubbo residents own their homes outright. 

More than 40% of Dubbo residents have a mortgage. The median house price in Dubbo (as at 28 January 2014) is $300,000.

Almost one-third of Dubbo residents rent. The median rent  in Dubbo (as at 28 Feburay 2014) is $330 per week.


The median weekly household income in Dubbo is $1,096.68.

55% of Dubbo households have a broadband internet connection.

67.76% own two or more vehicles.

* Dubbo Skills Audit and Employment Projection Report, 2013, REMPLAN

^ Latest REMPLAN data incorporating Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) 2011 Census Place of Work Employment Data