There are more than 3,500 local business in Dubbo, therefore there is more than 3,500 reasons as to why you should start a business in Dubbo!

With this many business already realising the benefits of doing business in Dubbo, you can be sure that your new business in Dubbo will have every opportunity to succeed, thanks to:

  • access to fast-speed broadband and the support of a City with a Digital Economy Strategy (to find out if the NBN is available at your preferred address, click here)
  • access to a ready and skilled workforce (with employment expecting an annualised growth rate of 2.2% between 2013 and 2018)
  • fantastic transport and distribution logistics
  • the support of a strong business community
  • the support of a progressive and pro-development Council
  • a potential customer base of more than 160,000 within a two-hour drive time of the City - to name just a few of the advantages!

Find out how to set up a business and what grant funding is available to you - the Australian Government has some fantastic information.

For more information about doing business in Dubbo, contact us or ask us a question on Twitter.

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