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A ‘one-stop-shop’ for developers and project managers sourcing a skilled, reliable, and local workforce.

Features trade companies based in the Orana Region with capabilities relevant to large and small, commercial, residential, rural, and industrial projects.

The businesses represented in the ORIN Capability Directory are dedicated to high quality service and the best outcomes for their clients.

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ORIN - Orana Region Industry Network

The Orana Region Industry Network (ORIN) is a collaboration of trade and trade services comprising automotive, construction and construction services, electrical and technology services, manufacturing and engineering.

All businesses represented in the Network operate in the Orana Region, but can service any location across the country. 

Established in 2012, ORIN is an industry-driven network working to keep business local, expand the already strong industry base, and promote the high quality workmanship available locally for projects both large and small.

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ORIN President: Kevin Saul
Business Development Officer
M: 0407 935 853

With 35 years experience in the manufacturing and construction industry Kevin's understanding and knowledge are only surpassed by his enthuasiasm for the Orana region. ORIN combines his love of trade industry, his passion for the Orana region, and his endeavour to make sure the next generation have sustainable and economically viable employment well into the future. His vision and passion have become a reality: ORIN is that reality.

    Vice President: Shaun Mace
Director, Maceco Engineering
0407 624 362

Shaun has been involved in the manufacturing industry for 30 years. After completing his trade as a fitter and machinist, he completed further studies to become a qualified Toolmaker. Dedicated to the industry and the region, Shaun now owns and operates a machining and fabrication engineering business in the Dubbo and Mudgee areas. Shaun’s commitment to ORIN is testament to his commitment the region and the trade industries operating within it.

  Treasurer/Secretary: Shane Morris
Area Manager, Bradford Insulation Group
02 6363 4102 

Shane has worked in the Orana region for more than 25 years at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Woolworths and more recently with CSR Building Supplies. His current area of responsibility takes into account two-thirds of NSW. Shane is passionate about his role and proud to be part of one of few remaining Australian manufacturing building supply companies. His understanding of the day-to-day client challenges and their ability to adapt and overcome them drives Shane's passion and involvement with ORIN.

    Public Officer: Peter Croft
Chief Executive
Orana Regional Business Enterprise Centre
02 6884 8155

Peter is Chief Executive of the Parkes, Forbes and Orana Regional Business Enterprise Centre (BEC) and the Aboriginal Business BEC. Peter has extensive experience counselling, mentoring, and training business operators. He has a strong personal interest in promoting economic independence and assisting individuals and organisations achieve their business goals. Peter's involvement with ORIN cements his enthusiasm for business and the economic benefits it represents to the region.

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