Central Inland NSW ~ “The wild frontier”

The “Central Inland” destination features Dubbo as the region’s hub and encompasses the Narromine, Lachlan, Coonamble, Gilgandra, Warren, and Warrumbungle regions. 

Key experiences:
  • Nature 
  • Arts and Cultural Heritage 
  • Agriculture

Central Inland has significant natural and wild features including The Warrumbungles, Coolah Tops National Parks, Siding Springs, the Macquarie Marshes and the Taronga Western Plains Zoo, and many more natural assets. 

Central Inland also a corridor to other wild experiences beyond the boundary of the destination, in areas such as Bourke and Far Northern Inland.

The Destination Management Plan and community road map for Central Inland was developed by the local Regional Tourism Organisation, Inland NSW, and stakeholders.

It is a guide for the regions involved to work together to further enhance the broader destination’s appeal by providing the experiences that visitors seek.

Destination_Management_Plan_Community_Road_Map_Nov_2013 Destination_Management_Plan_Community_Road_Map_Nov_2013 (1127 KB)

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