Award-winning local businesswoman Lisa Benton strongly believes Dubbo is a City of opportunity.

As the local owner and business operator of the Orana Mall Pharmacy, the accredited consultant pharmacist currently employs 45 staff who service regional communities in a catchment area that has a population of some 120,000.

“Dubbo has a large geographical service area, a great lifestyle, affordable living, and excellent career and educational pathways,’’ she said. “With hundreds of new residents moving to the City each year, there is plenty of opportunity for business to flourish.’’

The 2007 Gold Rhino winning business – conveniently located at the ever-expanding Orana Mall Marketplace – was bought by Ms Benton and her business partner Simon Blacker 15 years ago.

“It’s a community pharmacy that offers the delivery of medication and associated services to assist in our patients’ health and wellbeing,’’ Ms Benton said.

“We offer health clinics, Webster packs, sleep apnoea services, diabetes and weight management services, health checks and a free home delivery service.’’

Ms Benton is assisted by a large team of full time and casual staff including specialist nurses (mothercraft and sleep apnoea specialist), intern pharmacists and accredited consultant pharmacists.

“The best advice I’ve ever been given is never underestimate the value of your team,’’ she said. “Great staff are therefore the key to our ongoing success.’’

Ms Benton believes a strong local business community is important to building individual success.

“It’s important to understand the needs of the community and gaps in services and offers; local knowledge gives you a competitive edge,’’ she said.

“Locally owned and operated businesses are important to maintain and strengthen a local, healthy economy.’’

Not only has Orana Mall Pharmacy won a Gold Rhino for being Dubbo’s Most Outstanding Business, it has also been named Australia’s best pharmacy.

“In 2011, Orana Mall Pharmacy won the Australian Pharmacy Guild’s Pharmacy of the Year award,’’ Ms Benton said.

“This prestigious national award recognises the excellence in professional services, community engagement and innovation in the community pharmacy industry. It was wonderful recognition for our team’s hard work and dedication.’’

Ms Benton said awards were a great opportunity to analyse and showcase your business and be recognised for your achievements.

“And it’s a great way to celebrate your success with your team.’’

So what is Ms Benton’s secret to success?

“I believe a passion for your work will help drive your success,’’ she said.

“Buying the Orana Mall Pharmacy was a great opportunity to be involved and give back to the local community that I was born and raised in.’’ 

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