From bowser boy at age 15, to owner of one of Dubbo’s only independently owned fuel and lubricant businesses in the area, Mr Paul McCallum heads the award-winning Inland Petroleum.

Winner of the 2011 Gold Rhino Mr McCallum said the great thing about doing business in Dubbo was the central location, the diverse range of industries and the opportunity that brings.

“ I am passionate about the region we live in, and am proud to employ over 95 locals,” he said.

A diverse business, Inland Petroleum has nine retail sites providing fuel, lubricant and food needs to the local community. Inland Petroleum also operates a sophisticated bulk fuel and distribution service delivering fuel and lubricants directly to farming, mining and industry customers across western and north western NSW.

Asked about his success, Mr McCallum said: “I believe in providing quality customer service, knowing your customers and building relationships with them. That’s Inland Petroleum’s point of difference with the multi-nationals, we know our customers personally, we employ locals and we are local.”

Mr McCallum has a wealth of experience when it comes to fuel.

“My first job in fuel was as a bowser boy. I was just 15 years old and petrol was 18 cents a litre,” he said.

“I loved it, and spent the next 20 years working for major fuel companies across western NSW, and in 1986 I got the opportunity to go out on my own.”

Since that time, Mr McCallum’s business has continued to grow. In 2002 the business was named “Inland Petroleum”, and in 2013 Inland Petroleum acquired a permanent depot site at 109 Erskine Street, Dubbo.

Inland Petroleum’s fleet on the road consists of 14 Kenworth Prime Movers, with Inland at the forefront when it comes to truck technology and trailer configuration. The fleet is fitted with driver telematics, allowing Inland Petroleum to operate safely and efficiently by tracking truck performance, driver times and breaks.

Mr McCallum says one of his biggest achievements has been designing and building the AB and BA triple trailer configuration.

“The entire AB and BA triple project was completed here in Dubbo, using local businesses like Express Engineering and DP Jones and Sons” he said.

A long standing supporter of the Dubbo Chamber of Commerce Rhino Awards, Inland Petroleum is proud to have two finalists in the 2015 Awards.

Console Operator at West Dubbo Eleanor Seaman is a finalist in the “Service With a Smile” category, while Finance Manager Anastasia Hull is nominated in the ‘Young Business Executive’ category.

“On behalf of Inland Petroleum I’d like to congratulate all finalists in 20 year anniversary of the Dubbo Chamber of Commerce Rhino Awards,’’ Mr McCallum said. 

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