Where else can you...

  • Hold a sporting event and accommodate 5,000 people within 5 – 10 minute drive to the venue
  • Stage a conference within walking distance to 29 motels
  • Rely on daily air and rail services to bring people to your event
  • Position a special event in central NSW on the crossroads of 3 highways
  • Book two state-of-the-art conference venues – both with a tiered theatre, conference floor space for break-out rooms and exhibition space with a combined capacity of more than 2,500 people
  • Enjoy pre-dinner cocktails while watching spider monkeys perform trapeze acts
  • Share ideas and meet colleagues within the sandstone walls of a 19th Century gaol
  • Gather with family and friends at a “beach” named after a “hippo” and nestled between a vineyard vista and native bushland
  • Share special memories or moments within the grounds of a pioneer homestead where a Buddah church sits aside sandstone stables
  • Illuminate 18,000 people with lighting at a venue in the centre of the City
  • Find a Council with a dedicated events program and team specifically designed to attract, support and promote your event.

Dubbo Events Guide

The Dubbo Events Guide is the first step you'll need to take when looking at planning an event in Dubbo. Browse through its pages and discover the fascinating attributes that Dubbo has to offer and why it is a destination of choice for your next event.


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