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Remember where you come from

“Your sense of identity is very important, no matter what walk of life you are from.” 

It is this sense of self that has motivated David Peachey, an Aboriginal man who was born, bred and educated in Dubbo, to become one of Australia’s greatest footballers and advocates for underprivileged and indigenous youth. 

“I’ve never forgotten the words of my mother, Irene: ‘Remember who you are and where you come from’. Self identity is very important – it’s a big thing that has helped me through a lot of tough times,’’ he said. 

“I’m proud to say that I grew up in Dubbo and I’m pleased to be able to say that I’m from ‘the bush’.’’ 

The football legend has played for Australia, represented NSW in the State of Origin and he’s played more than 250 National Rugby League games throughout his 14-year career. 

“The biggest thing for me was having my family there at those games. Many past greats have played for Australia and I’m standing there thinking ‘I’m just a boy from Dubbo’. 

“For me, to play at the very top level of football was something my family has had a lot to do with. It wasn’t just me I was representing out there on the field, it was my family and my community.’’ 

The Peachey family name is well known throughout the region, with strong ties to both sport and Aboriginal medical services.

David attributes his passion to ‘give back’ and his strong sense of self-worth to his Aboriginal heritage – the advice passed down through the elders and his family members who have helped establish the foundations for the man he is today. 

“A big priority throughout my football career was a need to give back. It comes back to that family support,’’ he said. 

“Through the David Peachey Foundation, I am able to help underprivileged and indigenous youth in remote and regional Australia. My first visit through the Foundation was to a school in Trangie and it really lit a fire that I can make a difference by passing on my knowledge and experience. It’s not just about handing out a footy cap and putting a smile on a child’s face, it’s about changing lives.’’ 

Today, David Peachey lives between Dubbo and Cronulla in Sydney. 

“Dubbo will always be home to me. I’ve seen the City change a lot in the past 15 years. For kids, it has everything you need: good educational opportunities, every brand of sport… there are endless opportunities to be able to make this a place you can call home,’’ he said. 

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